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Boda Initiative has provided around 300 Korean and English books and learning materials to Western University Kampoong Cham Branch, in Cambodia. The donated books covered a wide range and included basic English and Korean textbooks, classical and contemporary Korean and English literature, interesting children's books and educational books such as accounting and economics to help in getting jobs. The books greatly improved the quantity as well as quality of the books in the library in Cambodia and helped students learn English and become globalized.


Boda Initiative aims to provide sustained support so that students can continue their education in a stable manner. Boda Initiative also plans to expand the scope of the scholarships by signing memoranda of understanding directly with universities and schools, and to provide active assistance in providing stable educational support for the students. The priority for Boda Initiative is students who are interested in the Korean language and culture.


Boda Initiative supports girls living in poor countries and developing countries so that they can visit advanced countries like Korea, where they can directly experience the culture. This in turn will help them grow as talented individuals with broader perspectives. Boda Initiative believes that these overseas trips are more than just mere trips; they provide experiences that change the girls, their family, the local community, and, moreover, the next generation. Boda Initiative selects students in a fair manner, based on TOPIK scores, GPAs, interviews, and more.


About Us

About Us

Boda Initiative is an organization established to provide quality education to children living in poor countries and developing countries so that they have a chance to grow as global citizens. Boda Initiative is a nonprofit organization in connection with Boda Law Office, along with the Human Rights Law Center Boda (HRLC Boda), which was established in August 2014.

Boda Initiative is especially interested in higher education for girls. Boda Initiative supports girls around the world so that they can be treated equally, receive equal opportunities for higher education and jobs as boys do, and grow up to become global citizens. Boda Initiative supports the acquisition of learning materials, such as books and IT facilities, sponsors the costs of higher education and expenses needed to study in and travel to Korea, and provides encouragement so that girls in difficult situations do not give up.

Boda Initiative hopes that more girls get to see the larger world and dream bigger dreams.

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