What We Do

Boda Library

Since November 2017, the Boda Initiative has been providing Korean and English books and learning materials to school and university libraries. The donated books cover a wide range of subjects and include basic English and Korean textbooks, books on classic and contemporary Korean and English literature, interesting books for children, and educational books such as those on accounting and economics to help students procure jobs. These donations have greatly improved the quantity and quality of books available to underprivileged students and helped then gain exposure to the world outside their towns.

Boda Scholarship

The Boda Initiative provides scholarships for girls’ tertiary education through local NGOs or through direct MOUs with educational institutions. As of 2018, the Boda Initiative supports four scholars through KAPE, a Cambodian organization based in the Kampong Cham province, six scholars at Phong Chau High School in Phu Tho, Vietnam, and five scholars in Kathmandu, Nepal in association with CAP-CRON, through its own scholarship program: the Boda Scholarship for Girls’ Education(BGSE). The Initiative aims to provide sustained support to students to help them continue their education in a stable manner. It also plans to expand the scope of its scholarships by signing memoranda of understanding directly with universities to provide active assistance and steady educational support to students.

Boda Book Review Competition

This competition aims to encourage students to visit the library and motivates them to read and write in English. The Boda Initiative runs the program directly, providing the template for a reading journal that regional schools and universities can adapt for their own uses, evaluating book reviews sent through the post, and arranging for awards for winners and participants to be presented by the executive director or the main office staff visiting the region from Korea. This provides encouragement not only to the participants but also to all members of the institution. The specific details of the program differ depending on the ethos of individual locations where this program is implemented because the Boda Initiative respects the cultural, social, and educational values of each place. It also strives to make this competition not just a one-time event of presenting money and gifts but a special experience that impresses students and encourages them to open the next book at the library.

Boda Seed

The Boda Initiative supports girls in Korea and other countries through regular contributions. This support in the form of savings provides girls with seed money to begin their adult lives after graduating from the orphanage or shelter. The savings are held at the bank and managed by reliable local social workers, NGOs, or the Boda Initiative itself when required.

About Us

The Boda Initiative is a nonprofit organization established to provide quality education to children living in poor and developing countries. The Boda Initiative is connected with the Boda Law Office, along with the Human Rights Law Center Boda (HRLC Boda), which was established in August 2014. While the HRLC Boda focuses mainly on promoting and researching basic human rights, including those embodied in the United Nations human rights protection mechanism, the Boda Initiative focuses on development work and educational support.


The Boda Initiative is especially interested in the higher education of girls. It supports girls in challenging situations and ensures they receive the same opportunities for higher education and jobs as boys do and grow up to become global citizens. The Initiative assists with the acquisition of learning materials, such as books and electronic facilities; sponsors the costs of higher education and accompanying expenses; and provides personal support to girls in difficult situations, encouraging them not to give up. The goal is for more girls to experience the larger world and dream bigger dreams.


Our Team

Soyeon Jeong

Soyeon Jeong

Executive Director

Soyeon leads the team. She is the representative of Boda Law Office, her business where the fund of Boda Initiative comes from. She is not only a lawyer but a professional science fiction writer, and has two cats named Kirk and Spock(No surprise there.) She speaks Korean(native), English(fluent), Japanese(advanced), Chinese(intermediate), und ein bisschen Deutsch.

Bui Thi Thu Hien

Bui Thi Thu Hien

Vietnam Coordinator

Hien handles and manages the logistics of the Vietnam programs of Boda Initiative. She studied in Seoul, Korea, for her MA, and now she is based in Phu Tho, Vietnam. She speaks Vietnamese(native), Korean(fluent), and English(intermediate).

Dongjin Lee

Dongjin Lee

Personal Secretary / Photographer

Dongjin had worked in the private sector for 17 years with his MA in economics, when he decided to change the path of his life and became a PS for Soyeon. He never imagined a life of flying around the world, but now it feels just right. He speaks Korean(native), Japanese(native), and English(advanced).

Jiwon Jeong

Jiwon Jeong

Administrative Assistant

Jiwon is a licensed social worker. She had worked for the aged, the disabled, and the migrant women for five years before she joined Boda Initiative. She keeps the office organized and coordinated, and manages the programs and budget. She speaks Korean(Native) and English(Basic).

Contact Us

Soyeon Jeong(Ms.)
  Boda Law Office #1508, 23, Yeuidaebangro65-gil, Yeungdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07332 South Korea